Design Director





Do you get a kick out of seeing your work on the shelf? One of London's well-known branding and packaging agencies are looking for a top notch Design Director to join their team.

This agency in West London are specialists in the consumer branding and packaging world - they've worked in this space for more than 15 years and they know it well, and have access to some excellend consumer brand clients. They need a new design director to help in leading projects, work with the less experienced designers to help them achieve good things, and blow the clients away with their presentation skills.

You'll have a very good stable of clients to work with - some big, some small, some in the UK, some overseas - across both total redesigns or perhaps a bit of innovation thinking, sometimes across larger ranges, and sometimes smaller one-off products.

You'll also have a team of good juniors, midweights and senior designers to work with - creatively strong, and who enjoy working together, and learning from you as they go, too.

The agency is long-established, with access to good clients in different consumer brand categories, and it remains independent, so you won't be a small cog in a giant group - you'll be a key person in the team.

And there's a good salary and package, and a light, bright studio to work in.

Go on - send us your cv and your branding/packaging work - we'd genuinely love to take a look!

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