Ghosting and Zombie-ing in the Spooky World of Recruitment!
Ghosting and Zombie-ing in the Spooky World of Recruitment!

Published by Roxi Dodkins


Ghosting and Zombie-ing in the Spooky World of Recruitment!

Haunting Happenings: 👻 Ghosting and Zombie-ing 💀

One for the fearless job seekers and esteemed recruitment / HR haunters! As the moon rises and Halloween approaches, it’s time to delve into the eerie world of recruitment, where ghosting and zombie-ing have become the latest chilling trends. Fear not, for we are here to shed some light on this spine-tingling phenomenon—while keeping our spirits high and our wits intact!

Ghastly Ghosting: A Disappearing Act

Ah, ghosting—a classic ghost tale for the modern age. It’s the eerie vanishing act that leaves jobseekers, recruiters and hiring managers alike scratching their heads. Imagine a candidate, (or dare we say a recruitment consultant) floating in and out of the recruitment process like a phantom in the night, never to be heard from again?

In this spooky realm, candidates and/or consultants, like mischievous apparitions, vanish into thin air after a chat or two. Who knows what causes this phenomenon – perhaps the candidate caught a glimpse of a rival job offer in the shadows? Perhaps the recruiter’s brief went up in smoke? Though it may send shivers down your spine, it’s all part of the supernatural dance of the current job market.

Surviving Zombie-ing: The Return of the Living

Beware the undead! Candidates and recruiters — rising from the grave of forgotten applications, only to reappear when you least expect it. Welcome to the world of zombie-ing, where the undead reemerge from the recruitment graveyard, ready to rekindle their professional journey.

Like zombies seeking someone to feast on, these “undead” return with renewed enthusiasm and fresh updates to their CV’s, portfolios and job opportunities. Maybe the candidate has gained new skills or been on a quest for self-improvement, rising from their metaphorical graves with a vengeance for the job hunt. Maybe the recruiter has a cauldron bubbling over with new job opportunities – It’s all part of the circle of (un)life in the cryptic job market.

The Good, the Bad and the Scary!

The good news lurking in the shadows, is one can choose whether to be or not to be (a ghost or zombie that is)! We at Gabriele are TERRIFIED of ghosts and zombies… so if you are a candidate and feeling the urge to “disappear in a puff of smoke” – can we request that instead you drop us a line / txt / email and inform us of your impending disappearing act? That way when you rise from the dead we can welcome you with open arms (and delicious opportunities!) 😉

The bad news.. being a ghost isn’t alluring… in fact it can sometimes suck the life right out of you and your personal brand, tarnishing that once magnificent glow. And when you finally decide to join the living, you may find they have moved along rather swiftly…

Scarily, while ghosting and zombie-ing add an element of suspense and intrigue… we do our best to embrace this eerie new phenomenon with a chuckle and a smirk – After all, every ghost story has its twists and turns, and every zombie apocalypse has its surprises!

So in the meantime, put on your bravest jack-o-lantern smile, job seekers and recruitment aficionados, while we navigate this paranormal parade with positivity and a sense of adventure.

Happy haunting this Halloween season and may your job hunt be as smooth as a ghostly whisper in the night! 👻

🎃 Trick or Treat? 🍭

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