What’s it like working at… Gabriele, the creative recruiters
What’s it like working at… Gabriele, the creative recruiters

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What’s it like working at… Gabriele, the creative recruiters

Gabriele has been in the creative recruitment biz for over 30 years. Initially, we were called Gabriele Skelton, but 4 years ago we rebranded to become Gabriele.

We should first make it clear that there isn’t currently anyone named Gabriele working at the company, but our MD, Karina did work with ‘the’ original Gabriele Skelton during the early days.

Karina has over 20 years of both creative agency experience and recruitment experience behind her, so she makes a fantastic leader.

So, what is it actually like working for one of London’s most loved recruitment agencies?

Working for Gabriele is a delicious mix of fun and bloody great work!

What we do

Our recruiter’s time is spent on research, candidate resourcing, client management, people development, and nurturing existing candidates and clients.

We’re a small team and we like it like that. Even though we are actively recruiting for another 4 gorgeous people.

How we do it

We’re all mostly full-time – because recruitment isn’t easy if it’s not. But we do work in the times and locations that work best for us and that, in turn, helps the business.

We work out of  our London studio, but also Copenhagen, Paris, Seville, Radlett, to Wendover – we’re not too bothered about location, so long as the time zones work!

As flexible as we are, we still maintain a high level of collaboration. We’re all aware of what everyone else is up to and we offer support where needed. We couldn’t be great recruitment consultants without the support of our marketing manager to push our roles and brand, and our operations and resource support. We are all a team, and we’re in it to win it together.

Gabriele’s ethics are what makes us effective. We value compassion, strong communication and most importantly, doing what we say we will do.

Our team talk to each other (a lot). We support and collaborate when it comes to our candidates, opinions, decisions or just helping and learning from each other.

Things can get hectic – dare we say manic, so we have to be organised about time. We are thankfully a very busy business, loyal to our clients and we have to say no to some projects if we know we don’t have the capacity to be effective. Honesty is best.

Working with people means things don’t always go like clockwork so we must work fast and smart.


What makes us special?

We’re often told that we’re more thorough than other creative recruiters – we spend more time listening and then doing!

This is probably down to the personal approach we apply to all of our briefs. We keep in close contact with our candidates throughout the entire recruitment process and always offer feedback. We’re also there to boost, advise and help our clients to help them attract the best talent too.

We are all about generating, creating, and nurturing relationships, both with prospective, new and older candidates and creative agency clients

Overall, it’s awesome meeting new people and getting to learn from some of the best minds in the business. That’s what this is all about: creativity, curiosity, proactivity, positivity and making great things happen.

If you’re interested in joining our team as a Creative Recruitment Consultant or Team Leader, drop a line to or follow us on LinkedinInstagram or Twitter to get first dibs on the hottest roles within the Creative industry.

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