What's it like to work at ... WonderWorks
25 FEB 2019

Published by Kandice Menzie


What's it like to work at ... WonderWorks

Tell us about Wonderworks and your role there?

Wonderworks is an independent strategic and creative agency that specialises in working with premium lifestyle brands.

We work a lot in the premium adult drinks space which is really interesting at the moment with the blurring of lines between alcoholic and non-alcoholic premium drinks brands.

I am the MD – which means I work across all functions of the business.

We are small enough that I actively work with most of our clients on the business challenges, and shaping briefs, as well as answering them.

I work closely with the Client Services Director, Design Director and Strategy Director on their areas of the business and together we form a Leadership Team. The Strategy Director is also my business partner so we both have dual roles. Mine also extends to business operations – everything from paying people, to getting paid, to making sure there is tea, loo roll and biscuits!

What’s your design style?

Wonderworks is a strategically led creative agency – so each piece of design work is different based on the strategic positioning of the brand.

What is consistent is the premium approach – elegant, refined and contemporary.

What does a normal day look like for you? 

Erm, there isn’t one. Genuinely everyday is different. Each one a balancing act. In and out of the office. Between running the business and being a mum!

What’s your career journey been like to date?

I started out working for a Fantasy Football game develop back when the internet was only really just becoming a thing! That feels like a long time ago now – digital marketing before anyone knew what digital was! I was in client servicing as the first employee of that start up and as we grew quickly my role grew too. Ending up as Operations Director running the UK business while the business owner set up an office in Australia.

I left that role to re-locate and took a job with a London agency that had been a client. I led the Client Services team there, and met my business partner Miranda. She left to set up her own agency so after a few years of us both running different agencies it made sense that we start one together. That was in 2014, and we haven’t looked back.

Have you had a favourite project so far?

No! There have been many highs, a fair amount of lows, but all fun in their own way and I have grown and learnt from each one.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a managing director?

Um, I have no idea. I would perhaps be doing something from home so I could balance my family life, but I thrive in the business environment so I would definitely be setting up some kind of venture I would think!

What’s the best thing about your job?

The diversity and the people – both the clients and the team.

I spend all day talking to people – listening, mentoring, advising, asking questions. Which fills me with happiness as I am always learning and always sharing my knowledge with others.

What has being MD at Wonderworks taught you?

Believe in yourself because others do!

To check out previous projects by Wonderwork head over to: www.wearewonderworks.com or if you fancy joining their ranks get in touch. 

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