What's it like working at ... Gabriele
08 OCT 2019

Published by Kandice Menzie


What's it like working at ... Gabriele

If you’ve looked at our website or socials recently, you may have noticed a recent addition to our team. In a short space of time, he’s become an intergral part of Gabriele, so we thought it was only right that we give him a fur-mal introduction with his very own “What’s it like to work at… Gabriele”.  

So, meet Jack Beasley our Chief Purring Officer; he’s the live-in cat bae of our MD Karina, but rest assured there was no nepotism involved in this hiring, Jack’s extensive background in hospitality and natural flair for, erm purring, means he’s actually overqualified for the role.

So Jack, tell us a short history about Gabriele and your role there

In the last year, Gabriele has adopted a fully flexible approach to working and now recruiters can choose to “WFH” or from our Central London office.

This is great for them but bringing work stuff into my home wreaked havoc with my daily schedule. The constant phone calls, and incessant use of my heated bed (sorry, I mean Karina’s MacBook) was totally ruining my zen. So, I decided to take action and appoint myself CPO; to improve Karina’s work/life balance but mainly my own. She of course agreed; Sometimes you have to tell people what they need, y’know?

What does a normal day look like for you?

On days when Karina isn’t meeting with clients, or candidates, or delivering talks to design students, she’s padding around my house, sorry our house, from the hours of nine a.m till whenever I decide I’ve had enough and reclaim my heated bed, usually six or seven p.m. I like to keep stress levels down by enforcing regular “Jack stroking breaks” for her, and roast chicken breaks for me, as specified in my contract.

I definitely feel my presence has been calming and brought about lots of paw-sitive energy.

What would you be doing if you weren’t CPO at Gabriele?

Being a regular cat of leisure like before *sighs*

What has being CPO at Gabriele taught you? 

Always ensure that food brand is written into your contract. Karina tried to swap to Aldi chicken a few months back thinking I wouldn’t notice. Purr-lese! Oh, you meant a work-related lesson. No, I have none of those.

To keep track of Jack’s progress as CPO follow Gabrielejobs or contact Karina at and she’ll dutifully pass on the message!

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