The benefits of hiring a Freelancer
26 NOV 2019

Published by Kandice Menzie


The benefits of hiring a Freelancer

Whether you need cover for a mat/paternity leave, extra help over the Christmas period or just an insurgence of new ideas, short-term hires can prove a fantastic way to manage workloads and improve productivity.

Here are 5 ways a temporary hire could boost your business:

1.Fresh ideas

Temporary team members can bring valuable skills, new perspectives and fresh ideas to teams who may be a little too used to working in a particular way.

It’s common for agencies to find a winning formula and stick to it. Whilst this is great for business it can result in ideas being churned out, that are all rather, same-y.

Enter your new freelancer, whilst your permanent staff were with you, this creative was gaining a wealth of experience from their varied gigs. Now they are on your team ready to inject that knowledge directly into your project. 

Your temp team member won’t be tied down by the everyday duties permanent staff can get distracted by, leaving them free to be your fountain of fresh ideas.

If you want to quickly gain a new perspective, hire a freelancer specialising in marketing, strategy and creative direction.

2. It's cost-effective

Hiring staff on an ad-hoc basis is advisable for small businesses with a shifting income

Staying agile and utilising freelancers to cover only periods of spiked demand is common practice for many small agencies; because it is a sure-fire way to dramatically reduce overheads if not eliminate them entirely.

Freelancers are often responsible for their own pension and sick-leave, most also work remotely, so costs for necessary workspace are minimized too.

Rather than paying for what you don’t need once your workload dies down, you can hire a freelancer on an hourly or day rate, then once the task is complete, you can funnel that spend into other areas of your business.

3. Increased flexibility

Even when you plan to precision, you can still get caught out by unexpected projects or underestimate the time or skills needed to complete a project.

Temporary staff can give you the flexibility you need to ride out a busy period or unexpected fluctuations in workloads.

Taking on a temporary employee from a trusted source -*cough*- can be the speedy route to completing your deadlines that you were looking for.

Another plus is that freelancers don’t have to work any set hours. For example, you could hire a web designer to update your site when your business is closed and your permanent staff are busy weekending.

4. Try before you Buy

Working with freelancers means you get to connect with some of the industry’s best talent, see how they work and learn which qualities suit your company.

You may not be able or willing to offer an employee a permanent contract at present (and they may not be willing to accept it) but that doesn’t mean it won’t be an option down the line.

What’s even better is there is little confusion about contracts, hours or durations with those on freelance contracts, so less chance of you parting ways on bad terms.

5. Ease Stress

Day to day office admin is as necessary as it is painfully time-consuming, and quite often its permanent staff who end up taking on housekeeping tasks; even those outside of their job description. This can decrease your team’s productivity as it distracts from creating and can leave them feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. By hiring a temp who specialises in Office/Studio Management or another client-side sector, you’re allowing your permanent creative staff to exhale and focus only on generating revenue.

If you think hiring a freelancer could help your business get in touch. We have a robust network of skilled freelancers and will work with you to find the perfect match for your company. If you’re a freelance creative take a look at these opportunities.

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