Ask a Recruiter
09 MAR 2020

Published by Emma Acton-Bloom


Ask a Recruiter

Are you craving a new career adventure but want to wait for the perfect time? Unfortunately, that time may not arrive, at least not in 2020 as this year is shaping up to be the most “uncertain time” this country has seen in a long while.

So, should you still go? We’ve asked Emma, Gabriele’s Associate Director and Creative desk Head Honcho to answer the question on all job hunters’ lips: Can I still find a new role amongst the uncertainty?

Just because the rest of the country are panic buying bog roll doesn’t mean your career goals should go down the toilet too.

Sadly, it seems that 2020 will be another shaky year for business. We thought Brexit was as bad, but we now have the imminent changes to IR35 and a world health epidemic to content with – and it’s only March!

Brexit?! COV-19?! It’s no wonder employers are wary of hiring, and candidates are hesitant to change roles.

In a recent study, The Recruitment & Employment Confederation found that 1 in 5 employers are still looking to take on permanent staff within the next 3 months (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation, 2020); so the good news is there are still jobs available and plenty of incredible companies actively looking for talent.

The black cloud of Brexit hasn’t deterred creatives from continuing the trend of changing job roles on average every 2 years (CIC, 2019) and according to figures from the British Design Council, the design industry grew (in spite of the uncertainty around Brexit) by 10% last year. A growth rate three times the rate of other sectors such as banking and technology - It’s now worth £76.9 billion to the UK economy.

Businesses are still recruiting, but only when it’s completely necessary

The bad news is that businesses are still extremely doubtful about the future (The industry body REC also found that 31 per cent of employers now expect the economy to worsen and just 28 per cent expect it to improve). The recruitment process is a costly one, so during these “uncertain times,” businesses are avoiding hiring new employees in an attempt to cut as much expenditure as possible.

Recruitment has yet to grind to a complete halt; however, companies are now only making moves for the exceptional. To offset this, and gain a place within your organisation of choice, you will need to seriously step up your CV game.

Use your CV to show future employers why you’re rewards exceed the risk

To really make an impact, use your CV to paint a vivid picture of your personality and not just your experience, which quite often will be comparable to everyone else on the list.  

You want to stand out amongst the (often hundreds of) other applicants and the only way to do this is by showing how much of a rare bird you are and why they need you on their team.

A rundown of your experience will no longer cut it, no matter how extensive. Ensuring your CV is wonderfully designed is crucial, but also throw in your best joke, an antidote about your career journey or your connection to the company, just to make sure you’re remembered.

If you are leaving your role, make it worth it

If you are deciding to leave your current position, do so smartly.  Before you make any irreversible decisions, you should schedule a meeting with your current organisation to discuss progression internally. Once it has been confirmed that that route is definitely not an option, the next step is research!

Only apply for roles within companies you know are solid enough to weather any financial storms which may occur in years to come.

Emma advises researching how the company has changed in the last 6-12 months. Find out whether revenue has dipped and brainstorm all the possible ways the company could be affected once a “full Brexit” takes effect in January 2021 (, 2019).

Key questions to ask yourself (and then the employers, once you reach the interview stage): Do they offer a pension scheme? What about life assurance or private medical insurance? All of these factors were once luxuries but could very quickly become necessities you wish you’d thought about.

Ultimately, follow your heart. If you yearn to move onto greener pastures don’t let the hysteria halt your decision. 

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