Songs to make you werk
01 MAR 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


Songs to make you werk

Previously the Gabriele team would work to a soundtrack perfectly curated by the team at Henry Wood House. But, since going - temporarily- remote nearly a year ago, we’ve had to take responsibility for our own easy-listening and as result, have each become pretty good at picking songs that are ideal to work productively whilst listening to.

We’ve found 90’s pop provides an excellent burst of morning motivation (think Keep Movin’ by 5ive or Reach by S Club 7) whilst jazzy instrumentals or songs in languages you do not speak, work best for focus (TaKillYa, anyone?)

The ideal song to work to is jazzy enough to boost your mood, but not so upbeat that it distracts you from the task at hand – it’s quite a science really.

This newfound knowledge of ours has resulted in a brand-new Spotify playlist ‘Songs to make you werk’. 

Each week a member of the Gabriele team will share their favourite songs and you can connect with us on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn to share yours too. Together we’ll have the optimum soundtrack to the last few weeks of lockdown.

Listen now here:

And when we aren’t playing superstar DJ, we’re busy sourcing the best talent the design industry has to offer. So if you’re a team leader looking for someone special, get in touch

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