Mental Health Awareness Week 2021
12 MAY 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

In 2020, Mental Health Awareness Week occurred just a month into the first lockdown measures. At the time, our shared bewilderment brought us closer than ever. We clapped, stayed connected through Zoom pub quiz’ and began to freely discuss mental health with friends and colleagues.

This year, Mental Health Awareness week arrives as lockdown measures relax and an even newer normal begins. Many businesses which found reward through pivoting during the pandemic have maintained a balance between new and old processes, but will the candid conversations surrounding mental health also remain?

Pre-2020, mental health was rarely mentioned at work.

In our recent blog series, we heard from some of the design industries biggest players about how they have dealt with the pandemic. Among the many topics discussed – remote working, time management etc - mental health was the area which most arose.

Now, the line of demarcation between emotional wellbeing and work has vanished.

During the pandemic, award-winning innovation consultancy Bow & Arrow found a sensitive way to incorporate wellbeing into their everyday communications. Kieran Mineham, Creative Director at Bow & Arrow, noted in his recent interview with Gabriele, that they use icons on their Slack status’ to indicate what kind of mood each team member is in, as they worked remotely.

“If there’s a rain cloud we know to check-in to see if you’re doing okay. - Keiran Minehead, Creative Director at Bow&Arrow.

Our collective experience of the pandemic has bred an openness to admit when we're not ok.

Nalla, a top 10 London based branding agency, not only encouraged discussion around mental health amongst their team, they also launched A free-to-access platform, that syncs the mood-boosting content from across the web. Designed impeccably, of course.

The Mindfull went live early 2021 and is aimed at Nalla’s design peers who may be struggling with poor mental health. Displaying the agencies empathy for emotional wellbeing, the Mindfull website states “We have our good days, and we have our not so good ones, too. At Nalla, it’s no different. We’ve been there before”.

It’s important to cultivate a culture that positively impacts the success of a business.

Last year made nurturing good mental health a priority for most. Going forward the best talent looking for jobs will flock to agencies that are actively adjusting to the changing circumstances its employees face with understanding and empathy.

To attract or retain them, businesses need to place a bigger value on the broader employee experience (at work and at home) and the best way to do this is by investing in your employee’s wellbeing.

HappyMaven are employee wellbeing specialists who are leading the way in helping organisations improve the health and wellbeing of their people. They believe that good employee wellbeing is crucial to achieving business goals.

Suki Bassi, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at HappyMaven states “The last year has unequivocally shown us that business objectives cannot be separated from employee wellbeing or from the wider diversity and inclusion agenda. They are inextricably interconnected. Companies that recognise and respond to this fact will not only support the wellbeing of their people they will be supporting their business goals and growth.”

Employee wellbeing and business goals are interconnected. 

On Wednesday 12th May, HappyMaven will host an informative, insightful, and thought-provoking discussion for Mental Health Awareness Week, showing the evidence link between personal health and business health with pointers on how to build the business case for employee wellbeing investment.

As we emerge from a year of uncertainty, it’s important to keep the wellbeing of employees at the centre of business decisions.  As Sara Woods CEO of London based brand and marketing consultancy Philosophy puts it:“This period has enabled us to re-energise now we must find new tools and ways of working and continue putting staff centre stage”.

You can read more about HappyMaven’s online event and register on Eventbrite here

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