5 alternate skills companies need in 2021
20 MAY 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


5 alternate skills companies need in 2021

The year gone by has changed the face of business almost entirely. New software’s, new operations and a new set of skills that companies require from new recruits.

Now that the work model has evolved so has the skillsets that businesses require

So what skills are in high demand in the current landscape? What traits and features should agencies or studios look for in candidates? And what skills should job seekers aim to cultivate in order to become suitable candidates for companies in the wake of a pandemic? Here is a helpful list:

A growth Mindset

2021 is all about making up for lost time. Re-starting your To do this successfully, businesses need someone who is keen to roll up their sleeves, find new more efficient ways to operate and help grow your company to new heights; so look for curiosity in your candidates.

Emotional Intelligence

The skills involved in emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and the ability to embrace the nuances of human emotion. 

In 2021, the need for these skills soared as the line of demarcation between work and home life all but disappeared.

World Economic Forum report predicted that emotional intelligence - or EQ – would become one of the top ten skills for employees by 2020.

At Gabriele we’re known for our quirky job adverts. We have a 92% success rate in placements because we don’t shy from discussing a candidate’s behavioural traits as well as their technical talents and we only make matches when both fit perfectly with an agency or studio.

Emotional intelligence creates better collaboration and a more efficient workplace.

We often encourage our clients to look beyond usual descriptive’s like “proactive” when compiling a description of their ideal recruit; instead, we pay close attention to company culture and how well it matches the candidate.

the personality of your company and the candidates should be considered to avoid the relationship being short-lived.  


“Being a fast learner” is one of those generic descriptive’s we tend to avoid listing on our job adverts. But with things still constantly changing, being able to adapt quickly is important now more than ever.

Self- motivation

If your team are still working remotely and your new recruit will have to find their feet virtually, considering comfortability with change and ambiguity will help you, and them, get off to a good start.

If you’re a creative candidate, show examples of any passion projects you created during lockdown. It shows exactly the self-motivation clients are looking for.


During 2020, when the future of many businesses looked uncertain, and it was the dedication of their teams that helped them pull through. To continue growing, you will need a team with enough passion for your company to show up daily (remotely in most cases) and stick by your company if any more uncertainty should arise.

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