How to get a pay-rise in 2021
21 JUL 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


How to get a pay-rise in 2021

In a recent Gabriele poll, we found that over 65% of creatives working within design found it hard to discuss their salary.

For most, asking for a pay rise can be nerve-wracking, and often people put it off because they’re too scared to have the conversation - leading to feelings of unhappiness or undervalue. Recent events haven’t made this any easier.

Although the economy is forecast to return to pre-pandemic figures earlier than expected, company budgets are still going to be closely guarded for quite some time, making attaining your desired wage more challenging than it was pre-pandemic.

After an uncertain 12 months, pay rises and bonuses have been put on hold for most companies

Many companies have experienced a loss in earnings that has affected their bonus pot. And although those of us working in design have supercharged our work rate over the past year to keep our companies afloat, it may not be possible to see a monetary reward just yet.

It’s only natural to want your efforts to be recognised

As an employee, you can still negotiate an agreement that reflects your recent efforts and leaves you feeling satisfied and valued; but remember - there's more than one way of having your efforts rewarded, it might not always be monetary.

If you’re an agency owner wanting to make your employees feel valued, there are ways besides bonuses to show that you care.

Start by revising work agreements taking into consideration each individual's new needs regarding flexibility, further training and performance. Speak to every employee one-on-one to understand their current situation and to create a tailored work schedule that works for both them and the company.

If money is too tight for pay rises, be transparent about why to avoid employees creating their own conclusions

If you’re starting a new role and have been offered a salary that’s lower than expected first, you must understand why. Knowing the context behind the offer will allow you to approach the situation accordingly.

So you’re ready to arrange a meeting to discuss your pay rise…

Firstly, it’s important to have a long think about what you want to achieve from the conversation beforehand. Gather some cold, hard facts to back up your request and decide exactly what you want to say before going into the meeting.

Formulate a list of achievements backed by metrics that demonstrate your successes and what value you will bring to the business.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself beforehand: When was the last time you had a salary review? How much are you willing to negotiate? What will you do if you don’t get what you want, is it time to resign and start looking for something new?

When talking about money, make sure you remain calm and collected, making eye contact, and using pauses and silences. Be upfront with what you're looking for and resist the urge to keep talking or arguing your point; you will only work against yourself. Instead, let the silence linger and don’t break it. It's likely, your boss will take your silence as unhappiness with the offer and will either raise the amount suggested or will ask what number you think is appropriate. 

Remember, be positive! Even if the answer is no, it might not be a little further down the line.

We’re all still in a state of transition; as we’ve all learnt, things can change drastically in just a few months. If a pay rise is a deal-breaker for you, you can always move on. We’d be happy to help you find a new adventure!

If you're looking for some more advice or a new role, get in touch with us and let's discuss your options.

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